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Bisuschio (Varese) - Italy

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Quadri di manovra linee precablate per ascensori - Elettroquadri Srl

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Elettroquadri Srl, progettazione e costruzione quadri manovra comando ascensori
Elettroquadri Srl designs, manufactures and sells controllers, electrical hoistway systems, LOP and COP fixtures, and other components for the elevator industry.
Developed over 6.000 sqm covered surface, with early output of 7.000 controllers and about 1.300 shaft electrical kits, Elettroquadri Srl with more than 100.000 controllers in operation is currently recognized leader in its sector.

Enigineering and development of both hardware and software and all the metal sheet cabinets complete the variegated know-how existing inside his group and guarantee maximum reliability, flexibility and full integration among all the components.

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